Web Applications

Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases, and generating results to browsers.
Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Interactive Games, Online Training, Online Polls, Blogs, Online Forums, Content Management Systems, etc..

  • Whether your objective is highly specific or exceptionally broad in scope, we can develop the Enterprise portal solution your company needs.
  • Multimedia applications increase efficiency by eliminating the need for extensive descriptive text and crowded navigation. RIA’s interactivity amplifies the user interface and provides an experience customers come back for.
  • From accounting to site analytics, wedding planning to media library search, we’ve developed business solutions for a highly diverse set of clients. When what you’re looking for hasn’t yet been made, look no further, we can handle it.
  • Technology Consulting our business. That’s why we have answers to the questions you ask. We also have answers to the questions you didn’t ask. Find out what you didn’t know about today’s technological advances.
Web Applications encompasses wide range of services and custom application development approach. To gain scalability, portability and accessibility, creating custom web applications have become a necessity for an organization, regardless of the size. Companies are replacing their desktop applications with web-based systems. Hostrings has a very systematic approach towards web application development. We do not sell off-the-shelf projects or components but tend to develop a complete ground up application specially for your company needs.

Web Application Development Services

Our web application development division provides complete custom services for your specific needs including: