At HOSTRINGS, our client-oriented process is founded on the principles of systematic approach towards development, strategic thinking and a practical attitude.

Project execution begins by mapping the user experience to determine the necessary functionalities and priorities for your website. We understand how important it is to capture your vision from the get-go to the very end, even before a single piece of code has been written. Our detailed communication protocols, strategy and explicitly planned implementation each play vital roles in the success of large-scale project execution.

We utilize some of the most innovative and efficient practices, including RapCom (Rapid Component development), EXReD (Explicit Requirement Definition) and CloConAg (we are a Closed Contract Agency).They all work together to ensure that we meet your every need.

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    Phase One: gather as much information as possible. What do you see? We want to understand and get a feel for your vision first. Our next move is initiating an assessment of the technical requirements of your project. Typically, this involves weeding out user interface issues in the existing system and automating any manual or unnecessary processes. We then establish a timeline for the project and determine which specific web technologies we’ll use to bring your project to life.

  • Evaluating Feasibility

    Phase Two: determine feasibility. Once we understand your project’s requirements, we’ll work with a company representative to evaluate any functional, procedural or financial issues. Next, we’ll determine a solution that goes toe-to-toe with your individual needs. Once we have your approval, we’ll get to work on creating your project.

  • Refining Requirements

    This is step one in building your project. We refine the requirements identified during the first two phases and focus on the system operations that will lead to the development of a successful and efficient solution for you.

  • System Development

    Once we’ve fine-tuned all the requirements for your project, our programmers will begin the layout for the system’s programming framework. Our talented visual specialists create the user interface and craft the visual elements to your brand. Still, we never forget about you! Your feedback is essential for each step in your system’s development.

  • Monitoring Progress

    You can monitor and track your project’s progress using our unique online project communication system. Step by step, we’ll keep you updated about your project’s progress. Feel free to track us!

    • Take advantage of our easy-to-use online communication network
    • Speak with one of our project managers
    • Shoot us an email
    • Use our interactive online whiteboard
    • Come talk to us! Schedule a face-to-face meeting with a project manager
  • Deployment and Testing

    Before we finish, you can test the system yourself! If the system requires integration with an existing system or data migration, HOSTRINGS will strategize a process for an efficient execution and/or migration.

  • Delivery and Training

    Would you like your finished project delivered on a live or closed server? We’ll teach you how to use both the user interface and the administrative features of your system. We’ll also discuss any maintenance strategies and future plans for the next phase of development.

  • Online Marketing and Maintenance

    Online marketing is a phase that includes two distinct means of searching: paid and organic. Both are highly effective means of marketing that offer credible results. The framework of our web and mobile-based systems are search-friendly; however, additional SEO services require comprehensive market research. We recommend a SEO-specific consultation before implementing resulted solutions.

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