In the field of web development, websites are built using tier or multitier web applications. A tier is basically a layer, a network which can reach other networks on the internet. A tier is a logical layer that can be divided into several types.

Mainly there are three tiers:

  • Business tier
  • Entity tier
  • Data tier

Generally, Ecommerce websites are built with three tiers, however there can be multitier web applications as well. Hostrings enables you to use multitier web applications with the help of its multiple tier web applications experts. Your need for tiered architecture will be managed by professionals, and we can create effective and scalable multitier applications based on your requirements. We specialize in creating multi tiers such as the front end Web server that serves static content, application servers such as Java,, PHP platform, and a back end database which consists of a database management system.

Web Application Development Services

Our web application development division provides complete custom services for your specific needs including: