HOSTRINGS designs and develops a wide spectrum of innovative solutions for enterprise mobility, mobile application development and mobile website development aimed at unlocking business value. HOSTRINGS acts as a trusted partner, providing clients with the much needed flexibility to handle changing business goals, seamlessly adapt to new technologies, and maximize bottom-line results. We collaborate with clients in all aspects ranging from app designing and development, deployment to security. Our track record of success includes developing feature rich mobile apps for all environments, including Android application development, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone and iPad application development), HTML5, and Windows Phone. Be it cross-platform apps, native apps or mobile app porting, we provide high performance, scalable and secure apps required by enterprise organizations.

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Mobile Website Development

Hostrings Mobile specializes in creating mobile optimized website for high-quality experience when user is viewing your website from a mobile device. Be it compatibility with multiple mobile browsers, graphics, animations, or providing robust alternatives for functionality not compatible with mobile viewing, it is our constant endeavor to provide innovative solutions that help you reach out to your target audience who are on the go. Our track record includes developing mobile website that loads fast on mobile devices with primary focus on content.

Mobile Applications Development

HOSTRINGS is a leading company providing custom mobile application development services for all environments, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. Regardless of the platform you select, we strive to create apps that add value to your business in terms of increased revenue, enhanced brand identity, or heightened customer satisfaction. We build apps that are easy to use, high on performance, and aesthetically stunning.


We offer a vast range of creative solutions to cater your marketing, advertising, communication, promotion and design needs including, but not limited to: