Hostrings is a meticulous mobile-web platform that encompasses company’s existing web based system by extending its complete functionality to all mobile and handheld devices of their existing and prospective customers.

Mobile Website Design

HOSTRINGS gives company’s customer power, accessibility, usability and seamless convenience of accessing company’s website from anywhere, at anytime using their mobile devices. The simplicity lies in intelligent accessibility of existing website and functionality using their mobile devices in a device compatible view and usability. HOSTRINGS technology detects current platform (mobile or desktop) and redirects the user to the mobile compatible website version. You do not need to manage two different contents or even two different websites. The process doesn’t involve your existing designer, programmer or administrators in most cases.

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The company provides list of their existing website sections those are most important and relevant to their on-the-move customers. End company can also suggest entire site to be mobilized and HOSTRINGS will create complete mobile compatible website, including all the pages and system functions. In future, company adds more sections or services to their website, HOSTRINGS will extend those sections to the mobile compatible version.

HOSTRINGS supports all web-enabled mobile and handheld devices. It also supports conventional web-enabled cell phones, which do not have rich multimedia capabilities. HOSTRINGS supports multiple technology and file formats to provide most pleasant user experience to the clients of the company. HOSTRINGS implementation doesn’t require company’s existing web resources for creation or maintenance of the mobile version of the website. We provide fully managed mobile solution to include your current and future needs. Our solution eliminates need of developing and maintaining separate mobile website.

We provide complete custom solutions based on your needs. We can include separate marketing presentations for only for mobile websites including separate links, banners, promotions etc. Our primary objective is to give your end user the most usable mobile web solutions by fulfilling all your marketing objectives.

HOSTRINGS websites can be implemented within two to four weeks and doesn’t require client’s technical or web development resources. You will be amazed by seamless accessibility of the mobile compatible version of the website.

No re-coding. No Maintenance. No frequent updating. No administration. No existing resources.

Considering rapid growth of mobile users and web enabled mobile devices, company must have mobile compatible website to sell their products or services. By not doing so, company may leave the customer an impression of unorganized, non-functional or inadequately functional information on their existing website on a mobile device, that ultimately retrogrades the image of the company itself. Each company wants to present their identity to their existing and prospective clients in a elegant manner no matter what medium they are using to do so. Mobile website is one of the medium that company cannot afford to ignore.


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