Stands for Rapid Components. Our years of experience have concluded a solid system for the web development process. At any level of project development cycle, it is easy for our team to compose most advanced components rapidly. It is even easier for our clients to request system advancement without testing overhead. Rapcom increases satisfaction among our clients and employees.

Stands for Explicit Requirement Definition. One of the most important factors of our client satisfaction is our unique method of collecting requirements from them. We carefully understand client’s requirements and clearly convey our vision of future system to them. If needed, we execute multiple cycles of the same process.

ExReD has given us an edge over other companies due to clear transformation of future system functionality. During the process, we make sure, we remove domain specific gap between client and technology. We make sure client understands power and limitations of technology, that will help them to define their own system.

Stands for Closed Contract Agency. At HOSTRINGS, we try to be very specific and precise in the contract with our client. Our unique system plays a major role in nailing down detailed domain specific requirements. We prefer one fix price for a particular project or enhancements, rather than open-ended hourly contract.

Usually, open-ended hourly contract leads to vague project execution and thus short of budget before its completion. We prefer to define closed contract with our client, after carefully studying their requirements and budget plan.


  • Deliverables review and confirmation
  • Payment flexibility
  • Flexible exits
  • Precise budget allocation
  • Easy Return on Investment calculation

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