Most companies today conduct a business and technical assessment so that the desired goal of meeting business needs and service levels can be achieved at a reduced cost of operation. CEO’s and COO's are looking for ways to modernize legacy technology instead of entirely replacing the existing system. The legacy business application assessment helps to evaluate the older systems on the basis of business goals and technical capabilities.

Hostrings offers assessment of legacy business applications that can mend, extend and modernize strategic legacy applications. We enable you to reduce the cost of ownership by providing a cost effective way to modernize your legacy business applications. Applications will stay in service longer, with lower risk and greater reliability. The major challenge faced by CIO's is to properly align business needs and technical resources. Every company needs to deliver high returns on IT investments, while still maintaining operational service levels. The areas that generally cause a hindrance are long term fate, dwindling budgets, and the state of legacy systems. Hostrings, with its rich experience of the legacy business application assessment process, ensures that you can take the actions that are best suited for your organization.

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