About Food Police

The client approached HOSTRINGS with an enthusiasm for health education and a drive for entrepreneurship. Recognizing the lack of nutritionally informative apps on the App Store, the client was inspired to perform the research required to provide the public with accurate, easy-to-access information regarding the ingredients in their food.

Opportunity / Client Objectives

The client was clear regarding the objective of the application. Aside from an attractive design, the heart of the application was in its database. A barcode scanner was essential for users to easily use the application and pull up ingredients listed within their food. While the client took it upon themselves to create the accurately extensive database, the application was required to retrieve and display the information both attractively and informatively.

The Food Police was ultimately created with the goal of presenting a pleasant user experience driven by the knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle.


The Food Police presented challenges in terms of information gathering, display, and presentation. The data required was extensive. Aside from the need to gather the data, it was also necessary to discover a method of delivering the data into the server and allowing the user to easily access it without becoming overwhelmed.

Portraying the application’s necessity within the marketplace was a challenge, as nutritional applications are abundant for download. Standing apart from its competitors, The Food Police offered reliable, unique data whereas other applications offered outdated data gathered from unreliable sources. The importance in portraying the accuracy of the application stood as a forefront in the client’s intentions.

Proposed Solution

With the client gathering accurate data by entering in product information one-by-one, HOSTRINGS created an import feature within the system’s back-end. This allows the client to import nutritional data to populate the application at any time.

By utilizing the iPhone’s camera to scan product barcodes, it became easy for the user to get information they needed. HOSTRINGS created additional search functions such as a keyword search and browse option, putting all accessibility to the data at the user’s fingertips. Recognizing the client’s need to grow data applicable to their users, a feature was added allowing users to submit requests for additional ingredient information.

With a polished design and accessibility to data, HOSTRINGS presented the client with a product that could be backed with professional recommendation by nutritionists, allowing the application to leap bounds ahead of its competitors.


The client was eager to accommodate requests that we had during the course of development; our mutual enthusiasm and rapport allowed the project implementation to go smoothly.


The Food Police app helps users make informed and healthy decisions in a world where information about what's in the food we eat is often overwhelming, if not deliberately confusing. The app stands out in a crowded field of nutritional information apps with its appealing design, streamlined user experience, and clear and concise presentation of data.