HOSTRINGS has developed a vast range of customized ecommerce shopping carts. Beyond standard shopping tools, HOSTRINGS has established an online shopping usability experience research lab called OSIL “Online Shopping Intelligence Lab,” which works to improve the usability, power and control of conventional shopping carts. With a vast range of proven experience, OSIL is capable of producing the maximum benefit.

To give optimal usability experience to an end user, Ecommerce solutions should encompass highly usable shopping cart, flexibility, security and customization.

The rapidly growing competition and highly dynamic online market trends demand the businesses to have an efficient shopping cart software. Numerous features are added to the prevalent shopping cart design to suit the needs of the business. HOSTRINGS offers you the most usable ecommerce shopping cart solutions that can make you achieve desired profitability, reduce overhead expenses and increase the profit margin. Ecommerce shopping cart developed by HOSTRINGS offers user-friendly shopping experience to end users and efficient Ecommerce platform development to our client.

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The custom ecommerce shopping cart development includes various aspects to our clients. In addition to the usable shopping experience, it offers:

  • Search Engine Friendly Design and Development
  • Global access to admin panel
  • Intuitive Content Management System (CMS)
  • Intelligent product suggestions
  • Automated help and sales prompts
  • Product tagging and controlled product display
  • Advanced promotion management
  • Marketing tool integration

HOSTRINGS also offers range of Ecommerce shopping cart solutions including but not limited to:

  • Online Ecommerce Store Design
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Shopping cart integration in ASP.NETPHP or Open Source
  • Seamless Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multi-language shopping carts
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Inventory import, export and synchronization
  • Legacy system integration
  • Intelligent user account management


We offer a vast range of creative solutions to cater your marketing, advertising, communication, promotion and design needs including, but not limited to: