A portal is a website that offers an extensive collection of resources and services such as emails, online shopping and auctions, search engines, and more. A portal provides a structure of categorized links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel and sports. Portals generally have three-tier or n-tier architecture which includes client tier, application tier and data tier. The proper arrangement and management of this can help your business run smoothly. HOSTRINGS provides you with architecture services for advanced portal design. This will allow you to lay down a foundation for a business driven approach to infrastructure architecture and management of IT related services.

The advanced portal architecture design services offered by us support you to manage increasingly complex service configurations. We help you to understand the workings of these configurations, and plan a strategy to help you achieve your desired business goal. We lead you to accomplish your company's goals faster with internationally accepted practices, proven methods, and our excellent skill for designing the architecture of the portal.

Following are some of the major advantages of the portal architecture design developed by HOSTRINGS:

  • Improvement in productivity- the productivity of your system increases with proper architecture, as you avoid going down technical paths that are useless.
  • Reduction in the technical risks- since the system architecture is designed in an appropriate way, it reduces the technical risks of overloading the system.
  • Better communication- a high standard architecture model enables you to communicate more effectively regarding crucial business issues.
HOSTRINGS can improve any site, from a very small scale static website, up to a larger corporate level website that needs to have proper architecture design to manage a big project.

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